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On the bank of the river he saw a tall tree: from roots to crown one half was aflame and the other green with leavesDrawing on myth, folklore and history, the stories of The Mabinogion passed through generations of storytellers before they were written down in the thirteenth century in the form we now read them. Set in dual realms of the forests and valleys of Wales and the shadowy otherworld, the tales are permeated by a dreamlike atmosphere. In Math Son of Mathonwy two brothers plot to carry off the virginal Goewin, while in Manawydan Son of Llyr a chieftain roams throughout Britain after a spell is cast over his land. And King Arthurs court provides the backdrop to tales such as How Culhwch Won Olwen, in which a young man must complete many tasks before he can marry a giants daughter, and Peredur Son of Evrawg, who strives to prove his valour as a knight.In his introduction,